Trouble with Internet Explorer

                                                                        I just learned that the layout of
                                                                        these pages does not render correctly
                                                                        in Microsoft Internet Explorer.
                                                                        I’m trying to fix that.

                                                                        The “old website,” accessible from
                                                                        the menu at the top of the page,
                                                                        renders correctly because it
                                                                        doesn’t use WordPress.

                                                                        I noticed that the award
                                                                        winning WordPress site at
                                                                        doesn’t render correctly either
                                                                        in IE 8, which is the latest version
                                                                        available for Windows XP.

                                                                        If you can’t update IE, then either
                                                                        update Windows, or use another
                                                                        browser: Firefox, Chrome and Opera
                                                                        all render this site correctly.

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One thought on “Trouble with Internet Explorer

  1. OK, I did try to fix it. Turns out the WordPress theme I adapted for this blog used a later version of HTML than Internet Explorer 8 knew about. I downgraded the tags, but didn’t I downgrade any of the other elements. The layout looks very nearly correct in MSIE 8, but some things might not work.

    My best suggestion still is: if you’re still using Windows XP, don’t. use. Internet. Explorer. There are better browsers that run in that OS.

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