Links to angrier/friendlier, older/younger people

The Passionate Skeptic
I don’t care what you believe in, so long as you don’t believe in it too strongly.
[Thor May has essays, photos, etc. on an astonishing variety of topics.]

Wandering Philosopher
Sometimes you might want to learn something just for the enjoyment of learning it, or of knowing it.

Freethought means thinking for yourself, without cultural bias or social prejudice.

Providing transparency to governments, the corporate sector, modern world religions, and the banks and financial industries.
We talk about what shouldn’t be brought up in conversation.

De Tocqueville Boulevard
Unlimited power is in itself a bad and dangerous thing.

Grumble Grouch
An elderly man who does not suffer fools gladly.

Fundraising Ideas
School fundraisers, non-profit fundraising advice, church capital campaign ideas, and youth sports fundraising tips.

Random links for your irritation/enjoyment

#1 Free Link Exchange Directory On The Web – Link Market
Have you ever tried to exchange links, swap links, or trade links? Was it hard? Use link market instead; – it is easy to use, free and very smart.
It will save you hours of work.

Rankzilla List Your Website With A Million Search Engines
List your websites for a small amount at almost one million search engines and directories and all of this for less then $10.

Stuffed Animals, Stuffed Dogs, Stuffed Ladybugs, Teddy Bears
Stuffed animals, furry animals. We provide teddy bears, stuffed dogs, stuffed tiger, cats, horses, deers, owls, elephants, bees and more.

Handicrafts Exporter, Indian Handicraft, Indian Handloom Exporter
Online indian store for indian handicrafts, indian handlooms, jewelry, gift items from india.

Security System Dvr
Dvr usa is both a wholesale and retail supplier of stock and custom digital video recorder (dvr) equipment. Please contact our sales department for a detailed quote on all of your digital video recording needs. Video security cameras is what we do!

Mario Hernandez
Welcome to the national umpire list. Pursuant to the wording found in the appraisal clause of most property damage insurance policies, the two appraisers are required to choose an umpire to settle any differences that may exist between them.

Professional Content Writers
My name is celeste stewart and i am a professional website content writer. If you have a website that requires professionally written content which is optimized to do wonderfully in the search engines then you have come to the right place – call now

Solar Panels Singapore
Solar panels, photovoltaic solar system in singapore. Small quantity solar panel available.
Solar products include charge controller, batteries, inverters, cable and connectors.

Insurance Estimating Software
Claim software is a non-profit software development venture that is dedicated to providing the best software for for property damage claims insurance adjusters. We invite all to download out suite of claims software free of charge.

Movies Rates
We are a site devoted to providing users the ability to scan the transcripts of thousands of movies to see if the content is offensive prior to viewing the movie. The site is intentionally bland to make it fast loading for mobile phones.

Camy Silkscreen Label & Sticker Printing Singapore Printing
Singapore based silkscreen & label sticker printing,digital printing,barcode sticker,hotstamping,computer label,blank label,print,digital photo,digital print,large format printing,poster printing,stickers,paper,adhesive,design,art,colour,publish,gift

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