Health care nonsense

Senator Lindsey Graham, referring to the latest Republican attempt to undo the Affordable Care Act, was quoted in The New York Times as saying that the choice for America is “Socialism or federalism when it comes to your health care.” Now, I don’t know whether Senator Graham is really ignorant of what socialism is, or was deliberately misusing the term, but the Affordable Care Act is federalism, not socialism. Continue reading

Medicare for All?

The Angry Old Man just got an email message that said “How do we win transformational change like single-payer, Medicare-for-All? By ignoring the voices that say big change is ‘not realistic,’ pursuing bold ideas, and energizing the public around a grand vision.”

Hello? Do you really want to boldly pursue a grand vision that isn’t realistic? If somebody says it’s “not realistic,” you have to make it realistic.

To begin with, “Medicare for All” is not single-payer. Continue reading