Da more ya wonder

Referring to yesterday’s entry, “Da more ya think about it,” about James Damore’s memo suggesting that inherent differences between men and women might “help explain” the gender imbalance in Google’s technical staff:

On the one hand, there must be psychological differences between men and women. On the other hand, Damore made a serious error in estimating the effect of these differences compared with the effects of prejudice and discrimination. Continue reading

Da more ya think about it …

Sorry; I couldn’t resist the pun. I really have been thinking about it.

Some time during the weekend of August 4–6, James Damore, an engineer employed by Google, publicly released a 10-page memo suggesting that the gender imbalance of Google’s technical staff might be at least partially explained by inherent differences between men and women, and recommending changes in Google’s diversity policy.

On Monday morning, August 7, he was no longer a Google employee. He was fired—for the wrong reason. Continue reading